J: Wait, Merida! I wasn’t being… Way to go, Jack. Maybe someday you’ll be less of a screw up. At least you’re right about one thing. You are never going to be good enough to deserve her.

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The Importance of Hands

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Oh, look at that. I’ve been impaled.

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Jinnouchi Sakae uses her will to leave one final message to her family.

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I wanted to make a simple gif of Howl and Sophie looking at the stars :), I really enjoyed making this tiny animation <3
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HELP help help!!

I dont have the subtitles for AnoHana Movieeeeeeeeeeee!!!! 

Where I can find it? I really wanna watch it ;QQQ;~~~ ~


Loved Gun, ラブドガン
 - Kensaku Watanabe (2004)

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The kakapo is one of the rarest parrots in the world:

It’s flightless
It’s the world’s heaviest parrot
It’s possibly the oldest living bird and
It has a subsonic mating boom that can travel several kilometres

it doesn’t even walk


there is literally no other word for what this precious moss potato is doing

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